Monday, February 1, 2010

Beer Can Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken in the Maxwell house. I mean a lot. There are times that I think if I see one more piece of chicken I'm going to scream! If you're ever been close to a too-much-chicken-meltdown and think you've had it with your feathered friend, I have a great recipe you should try. Pat & Gina Neely's Beer Can Chicken.

Holy goodness this bird is good. Oh so good; and juicy! The meat nearly falls right off the bone.

The chicken with it's spice rub

I failed to get a picture before Nick carved it all up, but here's a shot if it anyway!

My only word of advice for this your beer can impaled chicken on a disposable baking dish before placing it on the grill. The first time we attempted this recipe we failed to do this and the fat dripping from the cooking bird sent our grill into flames. Since then, my husband has used this method and there have been no more grill fires, which makes me pretty happy.

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