Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spinach Carbonara


There are several reasons I love living in a small town. The friendly atmosphere, the slower pace, more (but still not nearly enough) greenspace and easy commutes are just a few. Just like everything in life, with the good must come the bad. My biggest personal complaint about small town life is not having access to better ingredients. Sure, we've got a Super Wal-Mart that has aisle after aisle of various grocery products; but go looking for a blood orange and you're going to be out of luck. Plan on having Shitake mushrooms with dinner? Then you better plan a trip to Lexington. Want to try Claire's Spinach Carbonara? Well, of course you can't find fresh spinach fettuccine...or dried spinach fettuccine for that matter!! Not to be deterred by our lack of fine ingredients, I trudged on with *sigh* plain Jane dried fettuccine. I think this has finally convinced us at the Maxwell House that we need to invest in a pasta roller so we can experiment with fresh, homemade pasta. I've already scouted one out that might have to make its way into the budget for next month.

This dish came together almost effortlessly. If you're not familiar with Claire Robinson, she hosts a show on Food Network called 5 Ingredient Fix, where, you guessed it, each dish consists of only 5 ingredients...or less! These are perfect for week night meals and they're usually easy on the clean up.  While we didn't have the spinach fettuccine, this dish also calls for fresh baby spinach leaves. Now, this may be hard for some of you to believe, but until last night, I had never tried spinach!! I know, I know. What can I say? I was never forced to try new things as a child and until Nick and I really started experimenting in the kitchen, I never wanted to try new things as an adult.

While Nick was separating the eggs, he found a double yolk egg. Folklores state this can mean anything from an impending marriage (um...don't think so), you're going to have twins (hmmm...probably not) to a windfall of wealth (yes, please!). Whatever it means, it was pretty cool to see!

Tips for this recipe:

* If you don't have time to bring your eggs to room temperature, simply place them in a glass of warm water for about 5 minutes.

* Make sure to temper your eggs properly before adding your sauce to the hot pan...or you'll end up with a pan full of scrambled eggs!


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